Rares, player numbers and our economy. (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 22 2010 6:54 AM EDT

So we're got too many items. Excess supply and lack of demand is driving down price, as just about everyone who wants a 'Rare' already has what they need. The only hard to get items remain some of the 'special' items, like an AoI.

What would happen, if (for example only) CB suddenly had an influx of players. Imagine we joined Facebook (or the like) and overnight gained Millions of new players.

Well, all us vets currently hoarding cheap items from the saturated market would suddenly find ourself sitting on masses of potential cash. Ripe to pluck from the massive NUB inflated rewards the new players are clicking away generating. We could set our own prices for the horde of gear we control.

And all the new folk would find thier NUBs limited by the exagerated prices of necessary items, and thier runs hampered at best, frustratingly dissapointing at worst. The gap in NW between 'vet' and new player would grow substantially, increasing the pressure of bringing in USD in order to compete.

Avarice aside, is this really an ideal situation?

Unappreciated Misnomer October 22 2010 7:46 AM EDT

if cb took off again with a fb invasion(like it did the first time?) the influx of demand versus our inflation of pricing would only be temporary on items until more items spawned as a result of more players. the only true rares in this game are the supportership ones. its been proven to be true we/ve even had to re introduce 2 supprtership items.

as far as the nw gap between vets and nubs, this only stem towards the vet having the complete advantage, but thats to be expected seeing as most vets spent years playing. which i see as fair to validate our investment.

with usd so widely used in cb it gives the impression that you can turn a profit from your invested time which i dislike. now if you need usd to compete because you want to then thats your call.
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