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Windwalker October 27 2010 7:19 PM EDT

down pmt on item
Windwalker (Yanki) Liquid Network (db) $2500000 7:15 PM EDT
balance due is 2.5m @ 500k a week

Underage Drinking [Battle Royale] October 27 2010 8:27 PM EDT

have fun, thanks.

Liquid Network (db) Windwalker (Yanki) A Jigorokano Familiar ($11030) 8:22 PM EDT

Windwalker November 3 2010 2:01 AM EDT

Windwalker (Yanki) Liquid Network (db) $500000 2:00 AM EDT

Underage Drinking [Battle Royale] November 3 2010 5:27 AM EDT

thanks, should only have 3million left to pay.

Windwalker November 9 2010 2:41 PM EST

Windwalker (Yanki) Liquid Network (db) $1000000 2:40 PM EST

Windwalker November 11 2010 3:55 PM EST

Windwalker (Yanki) Liquid Network (db) $2000000 3:54 PM EST done and TY

Underage Drinking [Battle Royale] November 11 2010 5:35 PM EST

Very Best. I hope you get the best out of it :)

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