PC15: Chatmail delivery (in Changelog)

AdminNightStrike November 29 2010 2:09 PM EST

Chatmail should show in the right hand side undelivered to you table as oldest first. This is papercut #15.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 29 2010 2:35 PM EST

So was it just kind of flip flopped?

AdminNightStrike November 29 2010 2:37 PM EST

It was ordered from newest to oldest.

ScrObot November 29 2010 3:55 PM EST

Awesome, love the activity!

FYI PC15 was more about the left side listing, where it sorts by delivered time rather than sent time, so if you get 10 CMs overnight and then log in (hence they get "delivered" at the same time), they aren't in order by date sent, but rather a somewhat random order. This makes conversations (such as clan CMs) hard to follow.

AdminNightStrike November 29 2010 4:04 PM EST

oh. oops :)

Demigod November 29 2010 5:25 PM EST

Ack. Thanks for the work, but I read this thinking of the chatmail icon. Which reminds me... Fex!
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