Bored... (in General)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] December 11 2010 5:56 AM EST

So, I'm bored and have the attention span of a goldfish on speed on a rollercoaster. These are my items, someone help me find a team to run for a while. No, its not a contest, there won't be a prize, I'm just trying to find something to amuse myself with. :P


A Mace of Disruption [75x10] (+0)
A Mageseeker [5x10] (+0)
A Sling of Death [5x9] (+3)
An Elven Long Bow [6x3] (+4)


An Amulet of Invisibility [0] (+10)
An Amulet of Might [0] (+9)
A Trollskin Armor [22] (+30)
A Shadow Cloak [11] (+10)
A Pair of Displacement Boots [0] (+22)
A Pair of Beleg's Gloves [3] (+6)
A Mithril Shield [22] (+10)
A Halidon Familiar lvl 20
A 2009 CB T-shirt [1]
A Helm of Clearsight [-5] (+5)
A Shield of Capacity [0] (+7)
A Rune of Balrog Flame lvl 877,941
A 2007 CB T-shirt [1]
A 2008 CB T-shirt [1]

AdminNightStrike December 14 2010 8:06 AM EST

No help?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 14 2010 8:10 AM EST

it looks like you have most of the equipment to try nat's strategy in this thread:
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