Need an opinion/ advice (in General)

Kong Ming December 16 2010 11:05 PM EST

Please take a look at my character:

Do you think I should continue with an ELB or should I change to a SoD instead? I can untrain the archery to boast my strength further.

Demigod December 16 2010 11:11 PM EST

1. Why AMF instead of DM? Most of your fights shouldn't go terribly long, favoring DM most of the time.

2. Have you considered trying a ToA? It's another strat that's on par with using the 2nd damage dealer.

3. The only key difference between the SoD and the ELB is that the ELB is better against 1-3 minion teams while the SoD is better against 4-5 minion teams. I switched from ELB to SoD and had a mild improvement, gaining a few targets while losing a couple as well. It just depends on who's around you.

Kong Ming December 16 2010 11:14 PM EST

1. I had problems surviving through ranged rounds initially that's why I chose AMF. Now that I'm bigger maybe DM is better against AS users.

2. I want to keep to a HF to spread damage and I'm not willing to train dex.

3. If I choose DM, maybe SoD will be an excellent choice?

BluBBen December 17 2010 4:26 AM EST

3. If I choose DM, maybe SoD will be an excellent choice?

That's usually the case.

QBJohnnywas December 17 2010 5:22 AM EST

At some point boosting your weapon's PTH but not boosting dex is going to cause your effectiveness to dip. Chuck some XP in the dex direction, unless of course you're only going to target mage teams.

Against a ToA tank you're going to have problems, at least main tank minion to main tank minion. But even your HAL will it problems against some tanks.

Kong Ming December 18 2010 12:07 AM EST

Thanks for the advice! My fight list only has Mage teams in it, usually single mage or low hp teams. Multi minion teams are difficult for my small MPR so a SoD and DM might just be able to overwhelm them. I can just get a base SoD and convert my existing ELB into a SoD of the same nw?

Ragatag December 18 2010 12:49 AM EST

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