4M MPR required for 6/20 / Thoughts on XP gains (in General)

moskel [187ELiTE] December 23 2010 9:53 AM EST

We're going to hit 4M MPR for 6/20 very soon: 6,663,210 * .60 = 3,997,926

With the fact that as you have a higher MPR/PR/Score you earn more XP per battle those not in 6/20 (and not on N*B bonus still) have little to no chance of ever reaching 6/20. I've been out of my NUB for a couple of months now and I'm basically still the same distance from 6/20 as I was when it ended.

I'm not playing perfectly in terms of using every BA so I could be doing a bit better, potentially enough that I'd still be ~175-200k of MPR short of 6/20 rather than it now drifting out to ~225-250k short.

Looking at the past twelve months of new players (those that are fully through their NUB) only 2 new players have a shot at making 6/20, scr0bot and I. What this essentially means is in order to see "new blood" and activity with the ability to fight with our current top 20 a new player is looking at spending ~1.25-1.5 years to do so. Score wise right now I actually bounce around between ~25-40th.

We really should setup things so a N*B "played well" without any gimping/gaming the system puts you at 70% of top MPR and if you push all the limits reaching 85-90% should be possible. This isn't a free lunch, this is still a 6+ month investment and it creates more competition. With a chance to compete you'l have more players and those players that are in the top ranks will have more fun dealing with new opponents.

{cb1}dyno December 23 2010 9:58 AM EST

I'd like to think I have a shot... prior to this week I've hit just about every BA the last 2 months. It'll take months but I should get there.

That being said, I do agree that a slight lenience wouldn't hurt.

Sickone December 23 2010 10:13 AM EST

There are some advantages to being in 7/20 too, first and foremost slightly higher clan points.
Other than that... dunno... Catching up works, but is a very slow process after the end of the NCB.

My first and only NCB (totally wasted my NUB, played only a quarter of it) which I ran without gaming the system, without prepared gear (I had pretty much jack squat saved up, only a puny relatively low level tattoo), started it without maxed out stored BA and without purchasing much in the way of BA along the way (no cash), but I still ended it somewhere around 55% of top MPR tops (I think it might have been even a bit lower than that). Granted, not a big deal at all, but still...
I kept using a relatively weak strategy afterwards for a while, until I switched to this one (solo archer, from SFBM before) about two years ago.
I got to 60% of top MPR about a year or so ago if memory serves right.
Now I'm at 66% of top MPR.

If you never purchase any BA yet hit most of the natural regen ones but you don't game the system, I think you have a decent chance to end at over 60% of top MPR (i.e. in 6/20) if you keep fighting good challenge bonus targets for most of the time, and those are a bit easier to come by in that region of MPR anyway.

QBOddBird December 23 2010 10:54 AM EST

We're going to hit 4M MPR for 6/20 very soon: 6,663,210 * .60 = 3,997,926

Doesn't he have some untrained EXP lying around on his character though?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] December 23 2010 11:15 AM EST

Looking at the top 10 MPR characters, I bet only 3 possibly 4 could run a non USD run and break 6/20.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 23 2010 12:47 PM EST

"Looking at the top 10 MPR characters, I bet only 3 possibly 4 could run a non USD run and break 6/20."

You think only 4 people in CB could break 4M? You need to have more faith in your fellow CBer, I'm sure it's at least 10, probably more like 20.
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