Achievements list! (in General)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 6 2011 1:54 PM EST

NS said in this thread that we could never have achievements in the game without users helping out.

So what I'm asking for is to list achievements that you think would make the game more interesting ( for example, 1 million mpr).

I'll take all of the achievements and put them in a nice organized table, and then we'll go through that table and decide which ones we actually want and which one's we can do without.

When we get a nice looking table of all the approved achievements I'll create a wiki page and ask nightstrike what needs to be done after that.

Thank you!

(it's a shame GL is no longer with us, I could see him really liking this project :D)

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] January 6 2011 2:20 PM EST

1, 5, 10 mil score
1, 5, 10 mil mpr
1, 5, 10, 20 mpb
1, 5, 10, 20 stat/eo/ed/dd
Win a fight in melee
Win a fight doing no dmg in ranged
win a fight with only phys
win a fight with only dd

some basics for starters.

ScrObot January 6 2011 2:39 PM EST

Some more obvious ones:

Kill a minion with GA
Kill a minion with AMF
Resurrect a dead minion with TSA regen or VA
500k, 1m etc VA draw
Win a fight above 1m MPR with positive CB taking no physical damage
Win a fight above 1m MPR with positive CB taking no magic damage
Tattoo levels: 1m, 5m, 10m etc
Cause an opponent's enchantment to fizzle
Defeat (various NPC opponents at different MPRs) in a single tap

PearsonTritonRaveshaw January 6 2011 3:00 PM EST

some less obvious might include
kicked from chat
killed from chat

oh wait, would that be rewarding negative behavior? xD

achieved specific score/MPR withOUT the use of tattoos (GO OB1)

weapon type achievements such as Single Handed Killer, killing X amount of opponents with just 1 handed weapons.
different name for other weapons.

Legend - attains 1st place in the duration of the NUB

Demigod January 6 2011 3:42 PM EST

Guys, remember that we want to draw these out as ongoing benchmarks. We can't use "Won a fight in melee" as it would be done after a new player's very first fight. However, we can use "Won 50 fights in melee" as well as 1000 melee wins, 10k, 50k, etc.

Graduated benchmarks are great, and you can carry them over every single skill & spell (eg., 1000 new levels of any DD, 1 mil levels, 2 mil levels etc). We just need to make sure we pepper the low levels walk-in players get one or two in the first day. For the vets, we can have considerable spacing.

Awards for reaching the benchmark need more attention. These have to be nice, but they can't be game-breaking or paltry. If we're using gold, it's going to be a pain to determine the proper value as the NUB keeps increasing. Plus, we have to make sure it's cheat-proof. If someone has a 2.5 mil level character and can't sell it, why not just retrain the hell out of it to get each and every benchmark within reach?

Lord Bob January 6 2011 4:14 PM EST

for example, 1 million mpr
100,000 MPR
500,000 MPR
1,000,000 MPR and every million after
An achievement for reaching the top MPR, and one for score.
Hoard $10,000,000

I'll think of more when I'm less busy.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 6 2011 4:32 PM EST

tat growth, nw, mpr, pr, forging, clan points gained, battles fought, battles won. forum posts made, tournaments participated in, tournaments won, participation prizes in tournaments...pretty much anything we track can be made into an achievement of some sort.

Lord Bob January 6 2011 4:40 PM EST

pretty much anything we track can be made into an achievement of some sort.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 6 2011 5:59 PM EST

"Plus, we have to make sure it's cheat-proof. If someone has a 2.5 mil level character and can't sell it, why not just retrain the hell out of it to get each and every benchmark within reach?"

This is an interesting idea. You could make it so achievements can only be acquired by the characters you created. This would discourage people from buying characters for those who want to get achievements.

Demigod January 6 2011 6:12 PM EST

... can only be acquired by the characters you created.

I'm fine with making characters non-transferrable, but we can't punish players for using them while they are allowed.

Unappreciated Misnomer January 6 2011 6:24 PM EST

dont forget awards for using auctions, rentals, BS, the black market, and forging. maybe posts and use of the wiki.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 6 2011 6:28 PM EST

i don't think achievements come with anything more than bragging rights and were intended to add depth to the game. if someone chooses to retrain just in order to rack up a bunch, aren't they then just fulfilling their function?

Demigod January 6 2011 9:22 PM EST


Why not mix it up? Give "Congrats!" messages for anything that can be cheated, and give monetary awards for MPR. As long as it's coded that MPR benchmarks can only be hit once per character, there's no fear of cheating through retrains.

Areodjarekput January 6 2011 9:32 PM EST

You can repeatedly hit the same MPR by untraining a few stat points, and retraining them. You would have to fight once in a while to make up for the small loss of XP.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 6 2011 9:40 PM EST

i definitely still want the congrats bot, it could announce achievements as well though! ; )

Demigod January 6 2011 9:49 PM EST

Area, that's why I said it would have to be codes to only give credit once per character. :)

Demigod January 6 2011 9:50 PM EST

I love my typos. Obviously I didn't mean to type "area." :(

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 6 2011 10:20 PM EST

Well I have to make a list I can't just think of all of the ones in my head and put them all here at once so please wait for a response later.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 6 2011 11:15 PM EST

I would suggest 3-5 lvl's for difficulty for these achievements. (obviously this list can be adjusted, added to or some suggestions thrown out). Each achievement can be given a name also but this area I suck at. This would have to include a page where one could admire his/her handy work.
You could give small $ and/or have points and a leader board where one could compare.

Easy(things accomplished during or just after tutorial)
-100 wins
-10 wins in a row
-500 fights
-1 item bought from auction
-Used blacksmith
-Used Tattoo artist
-Trained a ED,EO,DD,Skill
-Posted in forums
-Rented an item
-Joined or made a clan
-Gained 10k mpr
-forged 1+ or 1x on any item
-1 referral

-1 million mpr
-50 wins in a row
-10k fights
-10 items sold/bought from auctions
-Blacksmith or Forge 10+ on any item or 10x on any weapon
-Been in a clan for at least 1 month
-100 forum posts
-Have an EO,ED,DD or skill at 100k raw lvl
-10 referrals

-2 million mpr
-250 wins in a row
-100k fights
-100 items sold/bought from auctions
-Blacksmith or forge 100+ or x on items
-Been in a clan for at least 6 months
-500 forum posts
-Have an EO,ED,DD or skill at 5 Million raw lvl
-Finish a full N*B run
-50 referrals

-5 million mpr
-1500 wins in a row
-1 Million fights
-1000 items sold/bought in auctions
-Blacksmith or forge 5000+ or x on items
-Have an EO,ED,DD or skill 20 Million raw lvl
-100 referrals
-Been in a clan for 1 year
-3500 forum posts

Legendary (need to be extremely difficult to accomplish)
-Be in the top 5 mpr
-Play for 5 years
-Have 1 million battles fought with over 95% win ratio
-Been in a clan for 3 years
-500 referrals
-2500 winning streak
-Have and hold a specific ED,EO,DD or skill's top raw lvl for 6 months.

I am sure I have plenty more in this rusty old attic I call a brain. This however is a decent format and obviously there are a brick tonne of stuff you could add. Specifically the easy for new people to enjoy and the Legendary to reward the dedicated players who have given so much of their time to enjoying this most awesome game.

Speaking of bots, could it be possible to have the medium and up achievements announced in chat? Not so much as it appears like spam or can be toggled on and off

Demigod January 6 2011 11:24 PM EST

I really like a lot of the items in your list, but I do want to note one thing: It's best that we don't list MPR benchmarks by difficulty since the increasing N*B makes the benchmarks easier over time. You can mitigate that by segregating MPR benchmarks from the difficulty list or by making them a percentage of the largest character.

Minnakht January 6 2011 11:25 PM EST

I think it'd also be fun to have random and unique achievements.

"I see what you did thar"

Use a helm of clearsight

"Individual Customization"

Dispel an enchantment exactly the size of your dispel magic effect.

"Over 90d100!!!"

Hit an opponent 90 times with a weapon for over 100 damage.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 6 2011 11:28 PM EST

I would like to point out that most of these easy things people are suggesting for achievements we already have as achievements so there is no need to include them. The ones for right after or during the tutorial that is.

QBOddBird January 6 2011 11:32 PM EST

The ones for right after or during the tutorial that is.

:( but that stupid rule about "no multi'ing" prevents me from playing with thoooose

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 6 2011 11:35 PM EST

that's because you already completed them.

lostling January 7 2011 6:58 AM EST

fan of knifes
fill your inventory with daggers

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 7 2011 9:56 PM EST

Keep them coming! I'll try and push out a table this weekend.

Also keep in mind, what's obvious to some might not be obvious to others :).

QBOddBird January 7 2011 10:00 PM EST

Leapfrogger: Jump at least 25 spots in overall score/MPR/power standings

Unstoppable: Maintain a win streak for 24+ hours

Defensive Champion: Cause more defensive wins than offensive losses in a 7 day period

Banker: Appear in the top 10 greatest liquid assets for a period of 24 hours


Phoenix [The Forgehood] January 8 2011 12:32 AM EST

Tired of this yet?
Hit any character 50 times consecutively. (Without fighting anyone else)

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 8 2011 12:37 AM EST

That's small number and easily attainable. It should be more like 1k and then 10k consecutive. Now that's determined farming, or spiteful vengeance.
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