Single Minion Strats (in General)

[Jedi] Danludar February 3 2011 2:40 AM EST

So I've been trying to think up good single minion strategies and I came up with one.

Wall and a Halidon. Either a PL wall or a traditional wall. I figure that much HP with PL trained would be pretty hard to break through.

Anyone have any input on it?

King February 3 2011 2:51 AM EST

The PL would junction over to the Hal (pretty pointless) and the Hal would only have it's normal HP leaving it a little squishy.

On the other hand with no AoJ the hal would have no gears boosting it's damage and be pretty weak, no hoc - only 5 rounds of full pth.

Look at Sox Jr (Single minion Hal) or Blighted (ice familiar) for similar builds.

Soxjr February 3 2011 4:15 AM EST

Woohoo. My name was brought up in a thread involving strategy. Not that mine is good, just cool to see my name. lol

Unappreciated Misnomer February 3 2011 7:17 AM EST

Why would PL be pointless, despite the pl lvls being identical as long as you can get the minion to absorb first youre gravy. Id like to hear more about PL junc. I know the largest pl will be active, with this being said. If there are two identical pl's will it come down to the direction of dmg(i.e SG or MM) or who is in front(i.e equipping a weapon or train DD)

[Jedi] Danludar February 3 2011 11:41 AM EST

I didn't know PL would be junctioned. Would it be junctioned at 100% though or some percentage?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] February 3 2011 2:15 PM EST

100% of your PL level would be junctioned over.

Vicious Cat February 3 2011 2:52 PM EST

The minion closest to the front wins.
Where does Hal cast?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] February 3 2011 2:58 PM EST

Personally if I were to use a halidon familiar. It would start out as a two team setup.

1 minion -

PL minion

typical PL gear

2 minion -

At least this way you would have a good PL minion with the correct gear, and you would be junctioning over the correct items to your halidon. Also you would have the versatility to put a bow on your junctioning minion and turn him into a tank also.

[Jedi] Danludar February 3 2011 3:52 PM EST

I was aiming for super low NW was all with this. What about a Exbow on the junctioned minion and train him like a straight tank. Would the lack of enchantments be that big of a problem?

horseguy001 February 3 2011 3:53 PM EST

Nat demonstrated the effectiveness of a Single minion heavy mage in a couple of tournies. Now that the TSA bug has been fixed in regards to spread DD, I would love to run something like that.

50% HP
35% DD
15% AMF

with armor proficiency as well. All heavy wall gear, with NSC.

[Jedi] Danludar February 3 2011 3:57 PM EST

What about more of a ETW set up

T Exbow and UC or something of that nature

Kinda like my old set up but hal instead of ToA

horseguy001 February 3 2011 4:48 PM EST

If money were not an issue I would love to do this one:

Single minion up to 5 mil mpr training whatever. At 5 mil mpr switch everything to AS, hire 3 minions.

BIG Minion with AS and as much boosting gear as possible.
Minion 2 Trains AMF/PL junctions a familiar with NSC and as much AC as possible on the familiar
Minion 3 Trains AMF/SS
Minion 4 Trains HP and wears as much wall gear as enc will allow.

Put the wall up front, followed by the junction minion, and then the other 2.

[Jedi] Danludar February 3 2011 6:15 PM EST

That'd be a pretty interesting strategy but, what kind of familiar?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] February 3 2011 6:18 PM EST

Awesome strat ^..

But I have always felt hiring for kill slots is just silly. Might as well start with a four minion roe strategy and switch it over at 5 million mpr. I plan on doing something similar to this in the future..

horseguy001 February 3 2011 6:31 PM EST

They are not kill slots, they are for a huge mpr boost and functionality. If your foe doesn't have DM they could be facing over 50 mil HP. Yikes!

An electric or Ice familiar would be my choices :)

[Jedi] Danludar February 3 2011 6:34 PM EST

It would make a nice strategy. Any idea what it would cost? I'm trying to sort out the price of mine and 2 walls, junction armor, and an Enchanter is pretty hard to put together.
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