VoIP? Vonage users? (in Off-topic)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 5 2011 2:11 PM EST

I'm considering changing my phone service. (ASAP) Anyone have recommendations? Tips? Questions I should ask? Feel free to offer personal experiences.

Vonage says they offer "unlimited worldwide" which would certainly help with my international calling charges. But I also see complaint boards full of people claiming their minutes are actually restricted to 3000 or 5000 per month. Also note: a lot of sound quality complaints and many "It cost me $200 to get rid of my service" complaints.

Oompa? Oomplu? Oobu? (Something like that) Says I buy their equipment and have no monthly bill at all. $200ish and it's mine 'til it breaks, I guess. They also claim "unlimited", but fine print says "5000 minutes is reasonable for home phone usage so anything more than that means you are abusing our system and we can charge you accordingly". And it is unclear to me whether they include international calls.

Lord Bob February 5 2011 2:13 PM EST

"5000 minutes is reasonable for home phone usage so anything more than that means you are abusing our system and we can charge you accordingly"
Do you really spend more than 5000 minutes per month on the phone?

AdminNightStrike February 5 2011 2:17 PM EST

It all depends on what your expected usage is. How much calling do you do:

Long distance

And when do you do each:

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 5 2011 2:22 PM EST

3000 to 5000 would not be unreasonable for me. That's less than 3 hr.s a day so ... say an average of 90 minutes a day to Australia (sometimes 3 hr.s, sometimes only 45 minutes), an hourish to New York, and "team calls" that could be anywhere in the country once or twice a week for 90ish minutes at a time. That doesn't include irregular/random calls to family and friends all over this country, nor local calls to friends.

I'm not particularly concerned about the 5000 limit. 3000 is too low. The complaints indicate the user thought they had "unlimited", then received notice that they were using too many minutes and got the 5k restriction, and following on that more "excessive use" warning and a 3k limit.

I don't want some ridiculous 3k limit (after my intro period has expired, of course) and _then_ not be able to get rid of my service for less than another whopping "cancellation fee".

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 5 2011 2:24 PM EST

So I'm looking for no less than 5k per month, anytime! I please?
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