grrr Don't play Earthrise (in Off-topic)

Pwned February 7 2011 2:57 AM EST

I was waiting for it for awhile and I finally gave in and bought it today. It was one of the biggest disappointments of all time for me. Wasted $50 USD on this garbage.

First off, it's not a sandbox game, as it claims to be. Theres only two main things to do at the moment. Kill mobs or kill players. There are no nodes to collect mats to craft yet either.

Its not a game based of skill, as it claims to be. Its not like a first person shooter, where you hit someone in the head and do massive damage or you hit someone in the arm and do a tiny amount of damage, nope, there's only one small area and it does a constant damage and its kinda by the neck-ish. You need to have your cursor on it to do any damage else its a missed shot.

Massive lag or even worse glitched hidden mobs. I keep getting hit by mobs or something but I cant see it or attack it. Then I die and lose all my items. You lose everything when you die so this is a big issue.

Horrible community. Anyone who says anything about the game gets cussed out by bigots. They troll the chat channel and say the same thing over and over and over. You cant reason with these people.

Pvp is hilariously stupid, you run around and bunny hop the whole time while holding down to right click and swerving your pointer at the other person randomly to get the small hitbox to popup. skill based they claim.

Little difference in weapon sprites. They look the same except different tiers have different colors. I understand this is a personal preference but cmon, for $50 bucks and a subscription fee?

Graphical bugs and glitches galore. Most areas will have graphical bugs and have random bright spots all over the area and most trees have a seizure inducing flash when you look at them. You will get stuck often too.

Again this is personal but ganking happens all the time. Groups of players will gank you while you try to kill mobs and since its not a game based off skill. More players means they will hit you more often randomly and you will die and lose all your items.

Your also supposed to get a special item for buying the game early but nope they haven't implemented it yet but its being advertised. Great!

To summarize it all up, its a POS game not worth your time or your money, look elsewhere. I wasted $50 bucks for this review, don't be a sucker like me.

Soxjr February 7 2011 3:30 AM EST

Tell us how you really feel. Don't hold back next time.

On a serious note, I completely understand wasting money and not getting anything close to what you were expecting. It sucks.

Unappreciated Misnomer February 7 2011 6:02 AM EST

I think youre the first to review the game dude, I only found one thread where 'people' replies with A1 grammar and spelling and talking about compelling dynamic selling points. I fell that thread replies was trying to sell me the game.

Pwned February 7 2011 11:08 AM EST

Yea I'm the first. I searched for reviews before buying it but I couldn't find any that didn't want to sell me the game. Most of them didn't even tell you about the gameplay.
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