Gloves of mercry and Menelvegorian Cape (in General)

Duke February 19 2011 2:15 AM EST

While its was a good idea to have some gear that add to PTH. I have a simple problem with them, while PTH on weapon will have almost no impact on PR for most case. The bonus from GM and MC are per point but each point increase PR and the return on investement get worse as MPR increase. While all the others power gear give a boost in % so its will scale with MPR. I would suggest that they are move to a % at 0.5% bonus to total PTH per point or fix amount and each plus give AC and have a PR weight of 0.1.

Let take the case of a GM +10 $404,685 NW

PR weight would be 2% (0.2*10)
AC = 0
PTH bonus 20 point

While for a low end tank its a good deal for a higher end the 20 point in % of the total PTH keep on getting worse while the PR weight stay the same.In the same scenario MC would give only 10 for the same PR weight of 2% having even worse RoI.

AdminNightStrike February 19 2011 7:46 AM EST

I like the idea of % per +. It might make them useful.
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