Weapon allowance question ? (in General)

Duke February 28 2011 1:33 PM EST

After have look at the wiki i have notice they have make change to weapon allowance. Wich was already too high to begin with prior to the nerf of 50%.

From what i understand now is that X are free does not add any PR while PTH on a weapon add PR.

SO here my question how does its work ?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 28 2011 1:57 PM EST

Exactly like that. X is free and PTH adds a flat amount depending on what type of weapon it is and how much + there is.

Duke February 28 2011 2:01 PM EST

The flat amount is base per point or on the total NW.

I did a little test with a BTH +5 going at +6 add 105PR at +7 its add 192 PR. That a very step increase.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 28 2011 2:03 PM EST

It's per the NW of the +

Duke February 28 2011 3:57 PM EST

I just make some test to see how its goes.

Weapon for test
A Blade of Thuringwethil [73x8] (+8) 94,801

At this size its can be spawn by the auctioneer. NW related to is PTH is $40,066. A weapon of this size should go for around 20K in auction. SO a nub can get its really early in with only a few K MPR.

Test 1

Char swiftblade MPR 77 STR 20. PR is 77

PR with the BTH 2,183
Increase PR by 28 times

Test 2

Char Dfarm 3 MPR 2352 STR 454 PR 2352

PR with BTH 3,926 increase of 66%

Same test with a LToA new PR 3,167 new STR 953

PR increase with BTH 4,655 a increase of 47% but in absolute number the increase vs the non ToA is 86 less point as STR have increase.

Test 3

Char Dfarm 2 MPR 20,740 PR 20,740 STR

PR with 21,714 increase of 4% or in absolute number the increase is 974 point.

There a net decrease of the impact in absolute point as PR/MPR/STR increase.

Test number 4 Char Rubicon

MPR/PR 576,640 / 576,640

increase in PR with BTH equip on any of the char is 427

Increase in PR with full gear 406.

Duke February 28 2011 4:04 PM EST

I think we can conclude that is the PR that have a impact on how much PR you gain per $$ on PTH on a given weapon.

While i think its should be the others way around and should be base on STR+HP not PR and PTH have a flat bonus +0 to +1 or +169 to +170 give the same point but both increase PR with a huge difference.

something like this HP/2 + STR * (X*PTH)= PR increase.X been the modifier per point. Its would scale up with MPR and have a similar increase to have DB have.

Duke February 28 2011 4:09 PM EST

Well some tweaking might be needed due to GS.
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