I'm thinking of doing as Single minion tank. (in General)

Optimus(Prime) March 3 2011 3:04 AM EST

Need help planing it.
List of equipment, skills, how much money I should have?

Phaete March 3 2011 5:43 AM EST

1-Minion Teams

Phaete March 3 2011 5:45 AM EST

Correct link now.

1-Minion Teams

Guardian March 3 2011 7:19 AM EST

single archer is the way to go is listed above

QBOddBird March 3 2011 11:22 AM EST

I should edit that link and add in melee tanks with bloodlust and SoC...they're on the rise ;)

Though I'll have to agree that sadly, archers are still super powerful and the way to go

KittehShinobu March 4 2011 7:50 AM EST

^_^ Bloodlust/SoC/MoD or MH or UC/ToA will still deal with archers any time... as long as it lives past ranged.
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