have not played for ages, help with new char (in New players)

Alexisonfire March 7 2011 9:11 AM EST

i was not sure where to post this, and i just thought i'd post here

ok, so i havnt played for a very long time, forgot i had an account, and logged into this one. now i left when i had NUB so i guess now i have to create a new character... is there anything i need to know about creating one, such as: is it even worth it? should i continue with the one i have? since i know you can't have 2 accounts....

Sickone March 7 2011 9:24 AM EST

It would be far more advantageous for you if you could be allowed to use the new one (NUB period is extraordinarily beneficial), but as per the uber-harsh rules of the game, you are not allowed to have a second NUB, so you'll have to revert to the first account which already wasted the NUB and grow your new character with a NCB (whick lacks the CB$ fight bonus and instead of zero-cost additional daily BA, they cost a lot of CB$ to purchase).
That's sadly the current ruleset.

Alexisonfire March 7 2011 9:44 AM EST

hmm.... i guess ill give it a go...
also is it possible to transfer all money and items to the new ncb?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] March 7 2011 9:47 AM EST

You can transfer items and money between your characters without charge.

Alexisonfire March 7 2011 10:01 AM EST

thank you.
also i cant get to a computer, so i am using my psp, and i cant seem to click on the "higher lower reset specify" buttons above where you choose who to fight... is there anyway other than those buttons to fight higher battles? i can click everything other than those =/

Sickone March 7 2011 11:45 AM EST

Home -> Character standings -> select oponents from global rankings

Alexisonfire March 7 2011 11:52 AM EST

ah thank you very much, helps alot =)
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