Hey everybody, lets get get BOINC'ing! (in Off-topic)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] March 17 2011 2:38 PM EDT

So a long time ago I started using the SETI@Home thing, it's pretty cool, and it has grown into the BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) project. I wanted you all to join in the Carnage Blender BOINC team and see if we can compete with the world. :)

The best thing to do is install BOINC on any machine you aren't using on a daily basis and set it up to work when you aren't using it.

Here are my current stats:

Here are the current stats for the Carnage Blender team:

To set it up on your machine:

  1. Go to the link: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/, click download.
  2. Install BOINC.
  3. Go to http://boincstats.com/ and setup an account.
  4. Once you are signed into the boincstats.com website: Click here to sign up for projects that you want to contribute your free computer processing time to: http://boincstats.com/bam/project_sign_up.php
  5. You will need to register for specific projects that you want, so this might take a bit.
  6. Now, open the BOINC client you just installed, click "Advanced View" at the bottom, then click Tools > Attach to account manager... and walk through the wizard to attach it to your Boinc Stats account manager, use this URL when it asks for an account manager URL: http://bam.boincstats.com/
  7. When you are done, you can change it back to simple view by clicking View > Simple View

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] March 17 2011 4:17 PM EDT

Got lost

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] March 17 2011 4:56 PM EDT

Out of idle curiosity, has any benefit come out of any of that yet?

AdminNightStrike March 17 2011 5:09 PM EDT

It has spawned a massive load of research and engineering in the realms of distributed computing. But they haven't found any actual intelligence yet, no.

Lochnivar March 17 2011 5:17 PM EDT

But they haven't found any actual intelligence yet, no.

...me signing up will in no way address this :-)

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] March 17 2011 7:07 PM EDT

There are a lot more distributed computing projects listed there than SETI. I wasn't restricting my question to it, in fact I had excluded it in my mind. Pretty sure I would have heard something otherwise ;).
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