Free XBLA game Ghostbusters Sanctum of the Slime (in Off-topic)

Fuhgawz March 25 2011 5:46 PM EDT

Thats right you read correctly. Any of you Xbox live players can get the new Ghostbusters arcade game that was released this week absolutley free.

How might you ask?

Follow these easy steps.

1. Make a windows live account for TAIWAN (it will ask for a postal code use 613)

2. Make a xbox account for Taiwan. ON XBOX.COM (not on your console)

3. Recover this account to your console (make avatar blah blah blah)

4.hit you Guide button on your controller and Navigate to Game Marketplace. Scroll up until you see the arcade games (assuming you cannot read Taiwan like myslef) select it and for me Ghostbusters was the most recent arcade game shown.

5. Download for free!!!! :)

6. Sign out of Taiwan account. Sign into Main account.

Fuhgawz March 25 2011 5:54 PM EDT

Also this is quite possibly a mix up and shouldn't be free so I would download it now while you can.

Demigod March 25 2011 6:03 PM EDT

The game got trashed in some reviews, so there's a chance it's a marketing stunt gone haywire.
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