Insight doesn't work again? (in General)

Kirimori May 3 2011 6:10 AM EDT

I think I brought up this problem earlier in the year but Insight doesn't seem to work. Anyone else having the same problem?

I activated for EXP time. It says it is active on Admin page and I also received the activation message via cmail. However the effects aren't showing up in battles for me.

Is every clan I'm hitting using SoS? I guess that would explain the fact that I am only getting 6 CPs per fight instead of 8. Might just be only me though, I'm not sure, If anyone else can corroborate.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] May 3 2011 6:11 AM EDT

Are you fighting top clans?

Kirimori May 3 2011 6:12 AM EDT

Yes, I should be, unless the clan rankings list is off or something.

I'm hitting targets from:
Band of Wookies
death by jabberwocky
Hidden Agenda
The Knighthood.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 3 2011 9:11 AM EDT

Works just fine for me.

Kirimori May 3 2011 9:29 AM EDT

Hmmm, that is odd. Might just be affecting me then.

Does switching Gods a few minutes beforehand still affect anything?

Also, should the count down timer appear on both the Admin and Clan page or just the Admin page? It appears only on the Admin page for me.

Another possible cause might be that only the first person in the clan to have activated the ritual can activate it from thereon. Might sound silly but Newlin is the only other person to have activated it before and it seemed to work fine then too.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 3 2011 9:31 AM EDT

The timer should show up on both pages.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 3 2011 9:34 AM EDT

From the looks of it, whatever rituals you have used in the past 24 hours, they have only cost a total of 700 points. So you definitely haven't activated Insight.

Kirimori May 3 2011 9:41 AM EDT

Thanks for your help Nat,

Yes, you're right. CPs seem to have gained the 1,000 points again somewhere. I guess the activation request was only partially processed or something.
I tried activating via Admin page again but the button is greyed out with the timer counting down next to it. So there isn't much more I can do. Since we haven't lost CPs, I'm not too bothered I guess.

It would be nice if it were fixable though. I'll try again at a later date and see what happens.
I know SoS works so its odd that this only happens for Insight.

AdminNightStrike May 31 2011 3:26 PM EDT

If you know what you are doing to reproduce it, I can look into it. Otherwise, I'm not sure what exactly is happening.

Kirimori May 31 2011 3:42 PM EDT

Well, it hasn't happened again since then but I have been careful to take time activating and clicking other links before and after. I can only assume it was a rare instance of a partially sent request being interrupted.
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