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BadFish May 30 2011 6:48 PM EDT

Ok, here's the deal. About a month ago, my laptop fell off my bed. The resulting impact damaged my hard drive, and I had to sent it to Acer to get it repaired, meaning a new hard drive, wiped clean of everything I had.

I got the computer back, and it worked for a little under a week with no problems. Then, COMPLETELY out of the blue while watching a video online, it crashes and gives me the blue screen of death. Anyone who is familiar with it knows it gives way too much information to read in the 2-3 seconds it gives you before the auto-restart, so there wasn't really anything I could do but boot up again. I do so, it works for 5 or so minutes- I was trying to view the same video again, got the same crash 5 mins in. Now I'm getting really concerned- I don't want to be without a computer for another 3 weeks. I boot up again, and just seconds after getting onto my desktop it crashes. After this third crash, all attempts to boot up again resulted in nothing showing on the screen- nothing whatsoever, even after several shutdowns and reboots. I had resolved to call Acer again and get it sent in again, but I had to wait for my parents to return from their weekend trip, as they had the packaging I used last time. So, today, I try to boot up my computer just to get the GTA IV cd out, as there should be nothing inside or connected to the computer when you send it in- and it works. I was ecstatic. Then it crashed again 5 minutes in. I was less ecstatic.

I'm typing this post on the demon computer right now, and it hasn't crashed in about an hour, but I've done almost nothing with it yet but write this.

Any ideas? Any more info I should provide to help you guys help me?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] May 30 2011 6:52 PM EDT

What sort of dirty video were you watching lol? Maybe the video had a virus or something attached to it.

BadFish May 30 2011 7:30 PM EDT

I doubt it; I'm virus protected, and it was on Adult Swim's website.

The odd thing is i've been using it for over an hour now, watching videos on AS website, playing GTA, and doing other things just to try to make it crash again, with no problems. I'll repost here if it crashes again; if not, something magical happened and the problem disappeared.

Demigod May 30 2011 8:10 PM EDT

If it crashes again, see if it's stable in safe mode.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 30 2011 8:48 PM EDT

does it have any utility on it to track cpu temp etc?

BadFish May 30 2011 9:00 PM EDT

It's as stable in safe mode as it is right now. I don't know why but it's working fine now, no crashes in about 3 hours.

I could get speedfan, but I doubt its a cpu temp issue, although you would know better than me- attempts to reboot a full 24 hours after the first series of crashes resulted in blank screen. Also it's a fairly new computer, I haven't had it long enough for it to become mortally clogged with dust (i think.)

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 30 2011 10:26 PM EDT

It could be graphics card temp too, graphics cards are often blue screen causes.

Demigod May 30 2011 11:45 PM EDT

It could also be an anti-virus issue. I have a Lenovo laptop that does that.

alaskanpsyko May 31 2011 12:48 AM EDT

it may be somethin that came lose from the drop. or something damaged that acer didnt catch. like a cable or something. other then that i cant think of why it would blue screen.

BadFish May 31 2011 1:12 AM EDT

going on 6 hours and no crashes yet.

*fingers crossed so friggin hard*
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