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Shadow xEclipse July 18 2011 2:09 AM EDT

Okay, I know that EliteofDelete recently made a thread about this, but I'm looking for a different 'type' of game. Anyone of you CBers out there know of fun Online Games (As in Browser Based or Flash). I'll take single player or MMO, although I would prefer to play a MMO. Hope you guys know some good games!! And thanks in advance. =D

~S xE

Shadow xEclipse July 18 2011 2:21 AM EDT

The ones that I have played (And unfortunately got bored with) are Fallen Sword, Kingdom of Loathing, and Phantasy RPG.... At least they were fun for a while.. xD The main lack in them was a sense of community, which CB thankfully has. =D Oh, and I find AQ Worlds to be highly addicting! =D

alaskanpsyko July 18 2011 3:37 AM EDT

You can try the site "" for single player games.

Shadow xEclipse July 18 2011 3:50 AM EDT

Ah.. Completely forgot about Kongregate. =D Thank you!

AdminTal Destra July 18 2011 8:32 AM EDT


just 3 of the sites i go play short arcade games at when im bored.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] July 18 2011 11:12 AM EDT

League of legends, spiral knights and realm of the mad god are all free online games :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 18 2011 11:29 AM EDT

did you try shakes & fidget yet, sending you a link in cm.

Shadow xEclipse July 18 2011 12:23 PM EDT

Thanks guys! I will make sure to try them all out!!

MissingNo July 18 2011 2:30 PM EDT

Realm of the Mad God seems like my type of game. :o
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