3 Black Market votes (in General)

Phaete July 18 2011 12:29 PM EDT

I see i have 3 current votes when i look at Heavy crossbow.
Examining the rules i see it allows to have 3 votes, as long as they are within a 2 week period placed within a 3 week period starting late..

For example, save vote 1 to end of week, cast vote 2 end of week and vote 3 begin week 3.

I don't think i'm the first to see this, but it allows better efficiency for spawning BM stuff.

Demigod July 18 2011 12:39 PM EDT

True. Now you just need to organize those who participate in the BMVG, which we can safely call an uphill battle.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 18 2011 1:34 PM EDT

But, why would we want to spawn items? This does mean I can vote more for the Hxbow!!!!

someone[onabreak] July 18 2011 3:11 PM EDT

Why would you want to spawn another Hxbow?

Phaete July 18 2011 3:25 PM EDT

The topic is 3 effective BM votes per person if effort is used.

winner winner July 18 2011 7:55 PM EDT

It still isn't enough to spawn some of the higher vote items. I say vote Heavy Crossbow all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

someone[onabreak] July 26 2011 3:27 PM EDT

From: auctioneer (3:09 PM EDT)
The Heavy Crossbow you voted for in the Black Market is now in Auctions

Sickone July 27 2011 5:17 AM EDT

I stopped voting because it's bordering on the pointless.
If anything, I'd make BM votes ONLY expire when item is spawned (after assigning a different token to identify auctions you can participate in).
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