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winner winner July 19 2011 2:21 AM EDT

So apparently I need a cable or wire of some sort in order to use my headset to talk. Does anyone know what it is called and if I can buy one online?

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] July 19 2011 2:51 AM EDT

Everything that came in my pack lets me talk on my PS3 and Skype no prob.

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] July 19 2011 3:04 AM EDT

The only piece separate from my headset is this: http://store.turtlebeach.com/x3x31stereoaudiorcasplittercable35mmmtorcam-6.aspx

winner winner July 19 2011 7:22 AM EDT


does that connect the headset and the controller?
I'm not sure if that counts as separate.
apparently the web address has too many wrong words and I can't figure out how to use no spell check

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] July 19 2011 9:00 AM EDT

Are you speaking for an Xbox?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 19 2011 9:52 AM EDT

If you are indeed talking about an xbox, you you will need a cord that plugs into the controller, so it needs to be the smaller head. Although I thought all the cords you need to play xbox usually come with the TBs, I might be mistaken though.

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] July 19 2011 11:44 AM EDT

i bought mine over a year ago and it came with the xbox connectors for sure.

winner winner July 19 2011 4:31 PM EDT

I got it from my friend and he said there is another wire I need so I'm not sure what it looks like or what it is called. It is for an Xbox though.

AdminTal Destra July 19 2011 4:57 PM EDT


AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 19 2011 5:24 PM EDT

It really depends what kindof of headset you have, Tals will work with some, not with some others. You might need a cord like this one:

You obviously don't need an astro one, I just linked that b/c that's the headset I used and it was the first one I could think of to get a picture. Tell us what kindof headset it is and I should be able to find you the right cord, (if tal didn't already find it).

winner winner July 19 2011 5:59 PM EDT


Thats the one I have

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 19 2011 6:29 PM EDT

Lol, SK, did you even do your own research? :P

Go to that page you just linked me, click on "Parts and Accessories." Scroll about halfway down to you see the cable named "X31/X41 XBOX LIVE Talkback Cable." You need that cable, like *need* it. It plugs into your xbox controller, and either your amp/headset, without it you can't talk. It looks like the one I linked earlier, if you want to see an upclose to see if you already have it.

winner winner July 19 2011 6:33 PM EDT

Does the link I have in the 4th post show the correct item?

winner winner July 19 2011 6:38 PM EDT

anyways there are too headset-controller cables.
Live Talkback
Live Puck

Which one is the right one to use?

AdminTal Destra July 19 2011 7:40 PM EDT

either one will work, the puck just gives you volume options on the wire itself

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 19 2011 8:40 PM EDT

Yeah, I think you should get the puck, it's more durable, the same price, and you can mute it/control the volume right from the puck.

winner winner July 20 2011 1:38 AM EDT

thanks for the help :)
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