Dex question and a familiar tatt question (in General)

IPoop July 21 2011 1:22 AM EDT

I think im going madder

raw trained strength and dex on my minion 'The Kurgan - with out any armour'
Strength 659,930 659,930
Dexterity 226,073 226,073

Post battle stats - fighting teams with out EC/Exbow/Axbow
Strength 659,930
Dexterity 45,214

*with armour post battle dex stat 'Dexterity 40,240'

wheres all my Dex going? the armour/weapon on 'The Kugan' is
A Sling of Death [5x3100] (+50)
An Amulet of AC [0] (+11)
A Trollskin Armor [22] (+38)
A Set of Chain Mail Leggings [18] (+5)
A Helm of Durin [9] (+13)
A Mithril Shield [22] (+9)
A 2010 CB T-shirt [1]

on the other minions
BoE,SB's and a corn
base BoTH, AoJ, HoC and Electric fam
TSA, EB and EG

The question about the electric familiar is probably easier but ive tried putting both melee and ranged weapons on the tatt holding minion to put the familiar behind and it wont move and ive tried with no weapons and the familiar wont go behind - can someone clarify that with a weapon the minion is supposed to be in front (or behind)


AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 21 2011 1:31 AM EDT

When you use an SoD in melee this is what happens to your DX.

IPoop July 21 2011 1:34 AM EDT

so it is cheers titan!

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] July 21 2011 1:48 AM EDT

The familiar goes in front if there is any type of offense. That includes a weapon and DD spells.

IPoop July 21 2011 2:06 AM EDT

and that would include the base decay on that minion i forgot about - thanks
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