Quick (or long) Explanation of League of Legends (in Off-topic)

Quyen July 29 2011 2:21 PM EDT

Maybe that might make me play it, but after all i want an explanation about what it is and what the objectives are ETC :)

Sickone July 29 2011 2:27 PM EDT

Basically DOTA with plenty of microtransactions.
Or in other words, a non-Blizzard Diablo-meets-Warcraft3 hybrid :)
I am told it's more fun than it sounds.
I haven't bothered trying it.

Bariagan [Demonic Serenity] July 29 2011 3:15 PM EDT

Awesome awesome game if you have a team. Still enjoyable playing alone, but you are at the mercy of the public queue. I like it because it is free and money does not impact game play (it does let you buy skins for individual heroes and gain currency and exp faster on your summoner).

You are represented by the summoner which gains exp to level 30. Levels let you pick masteries use currency to purchase runes- these have effects like +1 dmg, +1.7% attack speed that are applied to any hero you use. Within each game, you play a particular hero. Every few weeks the game rotates through several free heroes you can play. You can also purchase heroes to have permanently available with in game currency or money.

Essentially, two teams, 5v5. Pick the hero each person on your team will play before the start. The hero's level up within the each instance game and you can purchase items. The goal is to destroy a series of towers leading up to the opposing teams base.

Then you start another game, and another...

Unappreciated Misnomer July 29 2011 3:29 PM EDT

DoTA is defenders of the ancients.

LoL is a battle ground match between two bases either bottom left or top right trying to win the battle by destroying the base on the other side of the map. during this war minions spawn and head out in 3 directions , those 3 directions are all protected by towers you want to keep control or destroy the enemies to advance onto their base. with all kinds of short cuts and tall grass to hid in for cover.

Quyen July 29 2011 4:38 PM EDT

hm.. sounds interesting.. i guess i can try it. :)

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] July 29 2011 8:09 PM EDT

No reason not to, its free after all

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 29 2011 9:15 PM EDT

It's freaking fun and there are a bunch of us on there to befriend. To help show you the ropes. If you don't like it....uninstall...It's free..nothing to lose. My advice would be play at least 10 games before you decide.

Quyen July 31 2011 8:04 AM EDT

well, im gonna plan to download it today :) obviously im making my name Quyen xD or Quyen1 when Quyen cant :p
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