Tal/Kat 5 (in Public Record)

IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] August 2 2011 8:24 PM EDT

It's been a while so Tal/Kat 4

Most recently my debt stood at a total of $42,621,734...... Last post put the MSK at this....

Start A Mageseeker [5x3493] (+100) NW $41,761,455
End A Mageseeker [5x4509] (+100) NW $50,600,655
Total taken of debt at 70% $6,187,440

MSK was trans back to Tal as per his request now that it's NW has reached 50mil... I'll be taking the trans fee off the debt as well
Transfer fee: $252,996
Galadriel (Blightning) Tal Destra (Chaotic Endeavors) A Mageseeker ($50600655) 8:14 PM EDT

With $6,187,440 from forging and $252,996 for Trans fees coming off debt I now stand at a total of $36,181,298..... Will be making cash payments again once I find a forge job, unless Tal decides on something else, which he can state once he confirms all this....... Laterz q=-P

IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] August 2 2011 8:31 PM EDT

Galadriel (Blightning) Tal Destra (Chaotic Endeavors) $1181298 8:30 PM EDT

Sorry make that 35mil even it'll bug me too much to have it uneven when I'm now making payments instead of forging.... Laterz q=-P

AdminTal Destra August 2 2011 9:01 PM EDT


IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] August 11 2011 2:40 PM EDT

Galadriel (Blightning) Poop is Delicious
(Chaotic Endeavors) $2000000 2:39 PM EDT

Debt stands at 33mil.... Laterz q=-P

IIKlutzyKatII [KlawedBellows] August 16 2011 12:44 PM EDT

Galadriel (Blightning) Poop is Delicious
(Chaotic Endeavors) $3000000 12:44 PM EDT

Debt stands at 30mil... Laterz q=-p
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