250k if you fix my computer problem (in Off-topic)

Fishead August 17 2011 3:21 AM EDT

My laptop won't connect to the internet. It connects to my network (through wifi) and I can see other devices but I don't get an internet connection. All my other wifi gear works fine.

I tried manually assigning my TCP/IP info with no success. Other than that, I don't think I changed anything on my laptop.

Quyen August 17 2011 5:45 AM EDT

if it shows a error, can you show it to us? :)

Quyen August 17 2011 5:50 AM EDT

it might be that theres a anti virus program that blocks your internet browser, like norton antivirus. it might also be that your using a static while another PC/laptop is already using your IP. the last thing i can think about is that your ipv 4 is not connected/has no acces.

Bolfen August 17 2011 8:24 AM EDT

It's also possible that spyware/malware has hijacked your internet connections. To see, check your "proxy server" settings:


If there's anything there, it's probably bad, just wipe it and let your computer connect to the internet directly.

Fishead August 17 2011 10:43 AM EDT

I get the "server not found" error. Tried using a static IP jogged on the the router with my wifes mac to be sure I wasn't duplicating IP's.

Checked proxy settings, they seem to be correct and the problem doesn't seem to be browser related. Tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE and they all do the same thing. Also, my music player interface uses a browser to connect to my server and it works fine, but I can't get to the web and can't get email on my laptop.

Demigod August 17 2011 10:54 AM EDT

Did you or someone else connect via an air card before this happened? Can you think of any changes done before the problem started?

Fishead August 17 2011 11:22 AM EDT

No changes I can think of, just the same old every day around here. Opened up my laptop last week and no longer had internet access. No new users I know of, I suppose one of my neighbors could have tried to access my network.

Quyen August 17 2011 11:44 AM EDT

probably your dns :) your dns is supposed to change the name from the site into a code so it can find it, but i guess the dns is either messing it up or isn't working :(

Quyen August 17 2011 11:49 AM EDT

sorry for double post..:
for mozilla:
another one:
also try this one first, cause this one is the easiest one:

and if its a 404 error, use this one:

hope those sites can help you :)

Fishead August 17 2011 1:09 PM EDT

Thanks for the help so far. I'll look into the DNS issues when I get home.

Fate August 17 2011 2:19 PM EDT

Check your internet options, under the "Connection" tab, then select "LAN Settings". Make sure under proxy settings that the box next to "Use a proxy server for your LAN" is unchecked. If it is checked that is your problem, simply uncheck it to fix it.

Fishead August 18 2011 1:23 AM EDT

And the winner is... Fate!it was either that or my one year old randomly pounding on my keyboard, but that's most likely the cause.

Thanks Fate.
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