250k, help me find a song (in Off-topic)

Fishead August 20 2011 4:18 AM EDT

I'm looking for an unedited version of Ludacris and Sum 41 doing "get back". I'm not big on downloading pirated music, so I'm not familiar with which sites are safe. I'd buy it if I could find it, but if anyone can find it as a free and clean download I'll send you 250k.

Quyen August 20 2011 4:21 AM EDT

i never heard the song, so if you could put a link of the clean song? :)

Quyen August 20 2011 4:22 AM EDT

sorry for a double post, but is this the original? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGdSp3SkhOw

then i know what to look for ;)

Fishead August 20 2011 4:24 AM EDT

try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whVh16H1N4

Quyen August 20 2011 4:26 AM EDT

are you missing the Q at the link at the end? it says the link has a wrong id. :|

Fishead August 20 2011 4:27 AM EDT

I think your link is non-PG, but yeah, that's it. The live version from SNL would be cool too.

Fishead August 20 2011 4:56 AM EDT

Johnnywas found it. Thanks!

enderalpha August 20 2011 7:35 AM EDT

if ur willing to pay for the song thats cool; im glad to hear that people are still willing to support the artists in this day an age.
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