Poetry (in Contests)

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 8 2011 3:35 AM EDT

The last contest was where people would post quotes that they had found or made that were humorous or interesting.
Now i would like to see what poems people enjoy.
For this contest, each person can post up to 5 poems about whatever they want and i will decide the prize on a poem by poem basis depending on its MPR value.

Meaning: Is it meaningful and expresses something to the reader.
Prose: Does it follow poetic form and hold true to the genre?
Reaction: Does it create a reaction in reader, rather than just give them something to read?

I will decide what value out of 10 in each criteria the poem gets and keep a record of how much each person earns. Each poem earns 1k CBD for each mark it receives.
There will be bonuses throughout the competition. When you post the poem, please give it a title and author.
Currently, there is no end date set for this contest. Prizes will be given out once the competition is complete.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 8 2011 3:42 AM EDT

I'll give you an example of how I will rate each poem, using one of my own.
This was written shortly after my grandfather died last year.

Final Goodbye

While I did not know you well
I know your path is not to hell
And that is why I weep
For your body in endless sleep
For your soul's release
To a world of bliss
For the love you gave
And the love I have
But what is most true
Is that I will remember you

Meaning: It has a strong meaning and it conveys the subject matter quite efficiently. 9/10
Prose: I use rhyme consistently in my poetry and I do try to keep to standard conventions. However, sentence length is inconsistent which makes it slightly hard to read. 7/10
Reaction: I can barely read this one aloud and thats more my connection to it than the poem itself. Imagine a loved one and the reaction becomes more more evident. 8/10

This is entirely opinionated criteria, I might not appreciate your poems as much as you do or others in the community. I am sorry if that is the case, however i would still like to read them.
So please, post up some poetry :)
(any form of poetry is accepted, though i do have a distaste for freeform)

Quyen September 8 2011 8:26 AM EDT

poems are the door next ;)

someone[onabreak] September 8 2011 10:37 AM EDT

I wrote this one when I was 16. I still have it memorized. The first 8 lines can be (loosely) sung to the tune of the 1st verse of Social Distortion's "I Was Wrong."

Sadness and silence pervade in my soul,
And all of this madness has taken its toll.
Death of a part has ruined the whole.
Never before has there been such a hole.
Enter into my dark world of madness and fear.
Some melancholy insanity here.
Souls screaming softly inside my deaf ear.
Real life have I seen but I no longer hear.
Undiluted, unpolluted love; where have you gone?
Love has left my lonely heart; how can I go on
Existing in a loathsome world that doesn't really care.
Somewhere I will find my love; stop me if you dare.

QBsutekh137 September 8 2011 11:10 AM EDT

Sutekh wrote this a while back for the WWSD web site:

An Ode To Purple
Purple People Eaters.
Damn, that's stupid.

Or is it?

People eaten means fewer eyes to view.
Fewer mouths to feed (the already full).
Nothing more unseen by the human eye.

Or does it?

Purple means nothing without vision.
Vision to realize the...the...
Only that which can be described with sight.

Purple cannot exist without attention.
Purple is vain.
Purple craves focus. Strain your eyes.

Or close them.

Can you still see it?
The deep purple?
Hear it?
Perhaps as heavy, guitar-laden Haze?
Feel it?
Ensconced in royal velvet, caressing the maroon freedom?
Can you smell grapes?
Catch the scent of a fine Merlot?
Taste the Jello?

Perhaps purple is beyond us all.

Maybe a lot of things are.


QBsutekh137 September 8 2011 11:13 AM EDT

Some more from the chair:

Blind Date

She said her cheeks hurt.
    The evening's happiness working her face.
She said she hadn't laughed like that in ages.
    The quotes, the songs, the thoughts (I thought) of times to come.
She said her eyes were broken.
    I wanted to be her eyes.
She said she had strong opinions.
    A quality only she was allowed to have.

I tried to tell her who I was.

She said I was acting odd.
She said I sounded upset.
She said it seemed like bickering on the phone.
She said we should end things there.

I silently disagreed.


{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 8 2011 7:46 PM EDT

Some good stuff here and i appreciate that people have participated :)

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 10 2011 4:16 AM EDT

well, looks like the end of this already.
Thank you to both of you who participated.

Sadness: M: 8/10 P: 9/10 R: 8/10
Bonuses: First Post 10k
Self Written 5k
Prize: 40k
Total Prize: 40k

Ode to Purple: M: 5/10 P: 8/10 R: 6/10
Bonuses: Self Written 5k
Prize: 24k

Blind Date: M: 8/10 P: 6/10 R: 6/10
Bonuses: Self Written 5k
Prize: 25k
Total Prize: 49K

Thats my opinion of what you posted :)
Now, i'll send the prizes out immediately. Given that so few people participated you i'm giving double prize money.

{WW]Nayab (Alara United) QBsutekh137 (XanderCrews) $98000 -- Thanks for playing 4:15 AM EDT
{WW]Nayab (Alara United) someone[wholovesyou]
(Cheat Commandos) $80000 -- thanks for playing 4:15 AM EDT

someone[onabreak] September 10 2011 8:31 AM EDT

Woot, thanks :)
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