How are those changes coming? (in General)

Demigod November 1 2011 2:01 PM EDT

5/2007 = 370 players
6/2008 = 310 players
12/2009 = 203 players
3/2010 = 183 players
5/2011 = 131 players
11/2011 = 103 players

We've had tons of idea threads over the years, and it's great that we tend to agree on the key points, but who's going to take the time to modernize the game? If any of you think you can handle the job, it's time to ask NS for access.

Just pointing out the elephant in the room. Remember, at least one of those 103 was Dudley.

Quyen November 1 2011 2:05 PM EDT

we need a change.. i want to see big and full CB :(

Duke November 1 2011 2:43 PM EDT

I think we should work a way to improve revenue for developer hosting....

Super supportership as been advance before most agree to its and most were willing to buy its.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 1 2011 3:07 PM EDT

What would you want for super supportership? It'd be hard to balance, can't be too good and force people into it, or make it too bad, and not make it worth the money. I actually can't remember any ideas right now from people about what benefits would be given in "super supportership."

Demigod November 1 2011 3:24 PM EDT

Chat mail icon, for one.

But the real concern is still a matter of who's doing the coding. Do you think we could we make enough from super-supporters to afford a rent-a-coder? If super-supporter status is another $10, and we pull in 80, we have a whopping $800. That's not a hell of a lot of money for web development. We can score additional funds from a CBD sale similar to what was done with "Charity," but that still requires leadership to open up some of the control.

Chaos Griever November 1 2011 4:40 PM EDT

Wow, that's a dramatic decrease in players from 08' to 09'. I wish I had some suggestions, but I think this game is really good already. Have you guys advertised the game, on other sites? Maybe getting the message out there about CB could bring players in. But the ultimate problem would be keeping them.

Super Supportership? :P Do I get gold hair? :)

{cb1}Linguala November 1 2011 4:50 PM EDT

Don't get me wrong, this game isn't all that great.
What truly kept me playing this game all this time is the chat...everybody knows who the hard-core players are and I'm sure that everybody can agree that those 20ish people who are in chat every day keep this game fun to play.

This game is just too genre specific...You have to like strategic thinking on character level and you need to like testing out different strategies to overcome your fellow gamers.
Young folk nowadays are all about "visual" glory and preferably not too much thinking or some easy thinking at the best.

I'm sure I could think of more things if I weren't distracted, but the hard-core guys can find even better things than me which NS can shoot down because it's too hard to implement :P

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] November 1 2011 4:52 PM EDT

The better way to herd the sheep is color and bewbs. Hire an artist rather than a new coder.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 1 2011 7:58 PM EDT

Don't hire an artist. ;)

Grphical taste is subjective and could turn more folk off than it draws in.

Allow users to upload their own pictures. ;) Much like you can for avatar or team picture. Expand the systems we already have in place.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 1 2011 8:00 PM EDT

Allow users to upload their own pictures

Upload them where?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 1 2011 8:01 PM EDT

That's what would require expanding. ;)

Ages ago I suggested adding a space on the sidebar next to your username to show an avatar. And ading places next to items.


Just expand the areas users can upload pictures to, and allow the users to customise CBs graphics for themselves.

QBOddBird November 1 2011 8:11 PM EDT

Don't get me wrong, this game isn't all that great.
What truly kept me playing this game all this time is the chat

Nailed it, this is pretty much it. Remember, CB is a game designed around the forum/chat community - that is, they are the main focus, with the game as a sidebar attraction to keep you entertained.

Django November 2 2011 2:49 AM EDT

Demigod, those numbers are sure an eye opener. Two more years at this rate and it will be a ghost town here. We as a community have to come up with a way to get more players.

Demigod November 2 2011 8:49 AM EDT

The problem isn't a lack of ideas, it's that we don't have anyone who knows how to implement the changes and actually does it. As far as brain-storming is concerned, we're fine. But when it comes to someone following through and creating new content, we're screwed.

QBOddBird November 2 2011 10:02 AM EDT

Two more years at this rate and it will be a ghost town here.

It isn't a ghost town here already?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 2 2011 12:28 PM EDT

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