sign up here and recieve a free dolphin =D (in Off-topic)

Presumptious Zoodles November 9 2011 10:46 PM EST

sign up here for a game similar to CB and you get a free per dolphin in real life :D

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AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 9 2011 10:48 PM EST

no referral links in forums dude... just fyi

Joel November 9 2011 11:32 PM EST

I played Fallen Sword a long time ago and I liked it, but I quit because it hurt way too much to be attacked in PVP. All the revenge bounties were a freaking pain, too. Have any of those things changed?

Presumptious Zoodles November 10 2011 12:27 AM EST

an amazing amount has changed, im not 100% sure if those specific things have but they might have.
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