wow what a chance in life thinking (in Off-topic)

Presumptious Zoodles December 10 2011 6:59 PM EST

Warning, massive emotional outlet in here x)

while i was in hospital for 10 days recently i realized alot about myself that i didnt before, my fitness isnt a hobby its how i feel good about myself, knowing my body is in good shape is starting to mean alot to me, after the surgery i was told not to do any ab workouts, and its been killing me haha, but i think part of moving on from a lifetime of depression and dependency on relationships for happiness is doing what makes me happy, even if it seems stupid its what i want to do right? i've always suffered from depression and i think its because i spend to much time trying to hold onto things that arent there, yeah me and my fiance do stuff but that doesnt mean she should be mine nor does it mean i should cling onto that like its my life, the thought of having a job and being fit, healthy and happy is a lot more sure living on my own will give me nights of depression for a while but...if anybody else has lived on there own, you can probably agree that its just what happens, you go from a family environment (even a less then social one) to on your own and you miss things, but its no reason for me to hold myself back in life...

Goku December 10 2011 7:08 PM EST

u go bro we dont need no woman to justify our existance

QBOddBird December 10 2011 8:06 PM EST

Another good plan is to just forego the whole "commitment" part of the relationship. That helps to eliminate most of the problems with them :D

AdminNightStrike December 10 2011 8:37 PM EST

So.. did I miss why you were in the hospital for ten days? That's like... not normal :P

Lochnivar December 10 2011 8:49 PM EST

Yeah NS, you missed it. Apparently pres managed to come up with an ailment that makes the illness on your average episode of 'House' look common place (I think he was case #301 in recorded history!)

Chin up pres, take care of yourself!

AdminNightStrike December 10 2011 8:52 PM EST

Care to fill me in?

Joel December 10 2011 9:47 PM EST

I'm so happy that you have come to value yourself so much more! Keep improving yourself and trust in God to bring you happiness as only God is able to give it. Trusting in any human for happiness will always end in disappointment...

Do your best to stay healthy! Eat plenty of good foods and exercise plenty, once your body has fully recovered! I hope you are able to visit with us all here on Carnage Blender, often!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 11 2011 12:02 AM EST

There has been quite some list for so short a tenure here, but presumably it wasn't the gastric ulcer.

Presumptious Zoodles December 11 2011 1:09 AM EST

haha ill update you all on it sometime im really tired right now :p
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