Strategy advice (in General)

Waldo December 19 2011 3:24 PM EST

My main question is simply: ELB or MsK on Kings of Xanth?

Note that the axbow is temporary until my exbow is finished being forged (btw MP thanks for forging that for me)

Any other advice would be great but this question seems to be the crux of my future choices--(such as my complete lack of enchantments)

Waldo December 19 2011 7:39 PM EST

I am surprised that noone has answered here (tho I have gotten a few CMs)

Well as of now between the use of familiars as major damage dealers and the ELB's non-forgable aspect that the MsK seems to be the way to go but I would still like to hear from anyone that has used both (or, more specifically, someone that has changed from one to the other in the same strat)

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] December 19 2011 8:32 PM EST

Robf/Wall/PL/Exbow = insta win with the right strat distribution
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