About the challenge bonus. (in General)

Jecht December 23 2011 1:45 AM EST

Why, when I have 100%, I score around 1000$ and when I get 70%, I only get around 400?

Shouldn't it be around 700$, unless I'm really bad in math.

BestNUB December 23 2011 1:46 AM EST

there's a factor of randomness involved too. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less. The average is what is important, from what I understand.

Quyen December 23 2011 5:51 AM EST

as stated by zheg, the randomness is also important. sometimes, you get tons of cash and low exp, like the 1000$ while on the other one you might get tons of exp instead of cash (400$). try to do a couple of battles and see the average from it.

Sickone December 23 2011 10:01 AM EST

Also, the base rewards you get may differ.
The base rewards for the guy you get a 100% CB with could be 500$ while the base rewards for the other only around 235$.
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