Q/Zheg (in Public Record)

Quyen December 23 2011 5:53 AM EST

im buying Zheg his base MoD for 2.5M on a P/P, lets just say he put a clan discount!
trying to put 200K each 1-2 days..
should be finished in 3 weeks, max 4 weeks.

BestNUB December 23 2011 5:53 AM EST

ok sending the MoD now!

Quyen December 23 2011 3:55 PM EST

Quyen (Glorious Survivor) zhegao (San Guo Yan Yi) $250000

payment numbah one!
2.500.000-250.000=2.250.000 CBD left!

BestNUB December 26 2011 4:38 AM EST

This debt has been paid. We worked out a deal :)

Quyen December 26 2011 4:38 AM EST

Hey since you owe me like 2.25m, do you mind just giving me a BoE instead? let me know, thanks!

Quyen (Tattoo holder) zhegao (San Guo Yan Yi) A Breastplate of Expertise ($38241) 4:36 AM EST

this Debt is officially gone :D
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