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Presumptious Zoodles December 23 2011 6:31 PM EST

no way :O tell me more x)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 23 2011 6:34 PM EST


Joel December 23 2011 8:17 PM EST

Well, this one time, in band camp...

Unappreciated Misnomer December 23 2011 8:25 PM EST

Its was at about 930 this morning. Going to a job site, the snow started to fall early morning and after getting on the highway I was following the flow of traffic. lo an behold the truck started to fishtail. many feet later I ended up peeling back the guard rail like a tuna can lid at a 45 degree angle, continued sliding until i was close enough to then fall 25 feet down into a gully between the two directions of highway traffic.

company truck: write off
injuries: a bruised right hang, nothing broken

I was lucky.

Presumptious Zoodles December 23 2011 8:35 PM EST

x) well i was just posting this out of randomness but hey lets start telling stories of our lives that we're proud//lucky of//from x)

when i was younger in and lived in a city called penticton, (i was about 16) i was a perfect child, no drugs ,no smoking ,no drinking ,ect. I had lived in a small town all my life so I was never really pressured much, but after moving to penticton (population of about 120,000 and my orignal and current town has a population of 20,000) I started getting pressured, after a few months I was pressured into gang activity and had my family not decided to move back to my current city, I would have been a drug addicted gangster in jail for something. The person whom pressured me in is currently in jail for murder, rape, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, breaking and entering, theft, grand theft auto, trafficking, resisting arrest, attacking an officer, as well as a few other offences, all in ONE night, a day after I had left, that could have been me had I not moved...Now I am proud to say ive never smoked weed, done any drugs, only drank twice, never smoked, and would give my life to protect people weaker then me. I find myself to be of great luck because of this...

Demigod December 23 2011 8:48 PM EST

I took a pretty decent poop earlier.

Joel December 23 2011 9:38 PM EST

Ah, nice topic twisting! If its a story you want, I've got a nice one! This is the story of the day my son was born.

It was the ninth month of my wife's pregnancy, and she was working, as usual, in the Blockbuster warehouse. She had her first pains around midnight, but she didn't think it was serious, for whatever reason. 6 hours later, she was at home, and I was already on my way to work. I was an Electrician, back then, and I was only about a mile from the house when she called me and said she was going to the hospital. I realized that, in this extremely foggy morning, there was a high chance that she wouldn't make it to the hospital, so I called my boss and told him I was taking my wife to the hospital. My boss, a giant Amish looking man, said I could go, no problem, and gave me his blessing. I rushed home and escorted my wife to the van and we left for the hospital. The fog was so thick that I couldn't see the road 10 feet in front of me, and some of the fog was so thick that I could actually see it hit the van and roll over it! We made it to the hospital, and I helped her to a wheelchair near the front door where a nurse took care of her and started wheeling her towards the elevator about 60 yards away. I knew I didn't have much time, if I wanted to go with her up to the room where she would deliver my son. I rushed to the van and quickly found the free hospital parking, which was about 200 Yards away. I quickly parked, locked the doors and ran as fast as I could back to the hospital. I made it just as they were about to enter the elevator!
I helped the nurses lay my wife down upon the bed, after they had taken her clothes and replaced them with a hospital gown. After she was down, the nurse used a blue knobbed instrument to break her water for her, and out rushed a dark green liquid! The nurse said it was because my son's stress caused him to have diarrhea (he was probably so stressed because my wife decided to continue working for 6 more hours when he was ready to come out!). She was having trouble keeping her legs wide apart enough for my son to come out, so the nurse asked me to grab her left leg and pull it towards me, while she pulled on the right one. A couple minutes of my wife gripping and clawing my hands, and I saw the top of my son's head! Only seconds later, his head was all the way out and I noticed the shape and color of his nose. I used the memory I had of his nose to recognize him, later, after he was taken to that room full of babies behind glass(lol I don't know the name of that room :P)) ). It took only about 15 minutes for my son to be delivered. He gave one loud cry and kept his eyes shut while the nurse clamped the middle of his umbilical cord, cut it, and brought him to another table, just out of my sight. I heard him burst out crying, once again, and then they cleaned him and took him away while my wife rested. I followed as quick as I could and found him being examined by 3 female nurses. I instantly recognized that he was my boy, from my memory of the shape of his nose and the red veins I had noticed that he had on his right nostril. They measured him, and did a few other small tests. I watched vigilantly, my son, as he slept in his little bed. Then, about 2 hours later, they suddenly decided to move him to the back! I went around to the door, immediately, and demanded they bring him back out to the front so I could see him and make sure that he wasn't misplaced... They obliged me and returned him to the front. After I had waited, and watched, for 9 hours, they decided that it was time for him to be allowed to go to his mother. They wheeled his bed over to where my wife was sleeping, and she handed my son to his mother. I reassured my wife that it WAS her son, and that he wasn't switched with some other baby, and I finally felt like I could relax...
We brought him home with us and my wife kept him in our bedroom for his first 4 months. The room was kept dark, and my son was constantly coddled and attended to, and I don't remember him even crying once when he was being sheltered there...

That's all the important things to that day, and the 4 months afterwards! Now, my son is a strong, healthy, smart, funny, cute, articulate 3 and 3/4th year old young man! I'm going to put a picture of him as my profile pic, right now!
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