also you know what. (in Off-topic)

Admiralkiller December 31 2011 9:00 AM EST

Cb has gone into sucktatude.

Improve please.

Sickone December 31 2011 9:02 AM EST

Didn't you hear ? The official position is "no cash, no time, no development" and also "suck it up or pack your bags"...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 31 2011 9:59 AM EST


Fishead December 31 2011 7:35 PM EST

Suckatude = sucky attitudes?

Admiralkiller December 31 2011 7:46 PM EST it bad that I don't remember posting this?

AdminTal Destra December 31 2011 7:50 PM EST

how drunk were you?

Lochnivar December 31 2011 7:50 PM EST

^ that was rhetorical right?

Demigod January 1 2012 2:23 AM EST

Drunk AK is far more accurate than beligerant, so +1 for that.
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