Democrats and Independents, name your Republican (in Debates)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] January 5 2012 6:54 PM EST

Hey Democrats, or Independents that lean to a little or a lot to the left. I was wondering who your favorite and least favorite Republican candidates are. To keep it from being very broad, I'll limit it to the top 6 candidates, they are in order of their current polling.

1) Romney
2) Gingrich
3) Paul
4) Santorum
5) Bachmann
6) Perry

You can just answer like:

My favorite: XXX
Why: ...
My least favorite: XXX
Why: ...

Please be specific with your opinions, and don't please don't commentate too much on others' opinions. Although if someone cites incorrect information, feel free to correct them politely. Thank you!

AdminQBVerifex January 5 2012 7:01 PM EST

My favorite is Paul because he's crazy, and the other guys don't like him. So he must be doing something right.

My least favorite is Romney because he is boring, doesn't really know what he wants, and seems to be in it just for himself.

BestNUB January 5 2012 7:41 PM EST

Santorum because of his name :P

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 5 2012 7:46 PM EST

Top Donators for Ron Paul and Mitt Romney -

Ron Paul

U.S. Army personnel: $24,503
U.S. Air Force personnel: $23,335
U.S. Navy personnel: $17,432
Mason Capital Management: $14,000
Microsoft Corp.: $13,398

Mitt Romney

Goldman Sachs: $367,200
Credit Suisse Group: $203,750
Morgan Stanley: $199,800
HIG Capital: $186,500
Barclays: $157,750

Lord Bob January 5 2012 7:46 PM EST

My favorite: Ron Paul

Why: I think he's the best candidate on either side on social libertarian issues. The decriminalization of marijuana, and the end of the ludicrous, damaging, and wasteful war on drugs is the obvious one. He's also a staunch opponent of the wars in the middle east, and in interfering in the worlds business. It's unfortunate that his policies on economics and health care are bloody mad.

I would not vote for him in the general, but I want him to win the Republican nomination. I just really, really want to see an Obama vs. Paul debate. I'm even considering switching to Republican for a day to vote for him in the primary.

My least favorite: Rick "frothy mixture of..." Santorum, which without even trying to post I'd guess needs to be added to the spell checker. This would have been Bachmann before she dropped out.

Why: Religious social conservative. Just about everything that comes out of his mouth makes me gag.

Lord Bob January 5 2012 7:47 PM EST

Also, Ron Paul opposes SOPA and NDAA.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] January 5 2012 7:49 PM EST

I just really, really want to see an Obama vs. Paul debate.

Yeah, my friend and I were talking about how awesome that would be. And thanks a lot for the info Kefeck.

Demigod January 5 2012 9:47 PM EST

I'll just leave this little fella' here:


A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] January 5 2012 9:55 PM EST

Fav: Ron Paul for the same reasons as Bob and because Dr. No is a great guy all round outside the political madness. Who else in that list can you trust to be as unselfish I ask you.
Not Fav: Santorum. Bombing Iran, neo-con, anti-gay, anti-welfare on the evil & lies slant, global warming conspiracist, and an all round jerk.

Bachmann should be edited from the list. She's out and we all know she couldn't take it to Obama on any issue except tax evasion. The witch sleeps on her back in a bat cave with a funnel in her mouth. Filling her head with divine twitters. She was the comic relief that relieved no one. Good riddance, snarf.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 6 2012 12:07 AM EST

Favorite: Paul
His idealism
Least Favorite: Paul
His ideals

Sickone January 6 2012 1:35 AM EST

Fav : Ron Paul
Why : Because he's not a total sockpuppet moron.

Rest are all way downhill from there and you couldn't really tell the real person from the persona mindlessly droning demagoguery.
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