CB Calculators (in General)

lostling January 19 2012 8:01 PM EST

CB Calculators

If anyone can leave some comments/requests either here or in the google docs that would be great, just need some feedback

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 19 2012 8:06 PM EST

That looks very helpful, i wouldn't mind having that linked in the wiki. It shows the damage potential way better than anything else i know of.

lostling January 19 2012 8:19 PM EST

Could you look at the other calculators too? :)

lostling January 19 2012 11:07 PM EST

Any suggestions on any other calculators i can do other then the one i already have done?

lostling January 20 2012 5:26 AM EST

added TOE and endurance :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 20 2012 11:43 AM EST

You could do a % damage reduce calculator of armor mgs, EH, ect.

lostling January 20 2012 11:54 AM EST

good point give me alittle :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 20 2012 12:01 PM EST

Another calculator I would really like to see is an armor one based on cost. For example, say I want 200 armor on a minion it would tell me the lowest cost to achieve this armor along with what things should be worn and upgraded too. It would also take into account non blacksmithable armor and have a blacksmith rate that you could adjust to possibly get different results.

This might be a little too complicated of a calculator and probably not in the direction you are heading with them but I think it would be quite useful, even if it is something way more basic then that idea xD.

lostling January 20 2012 12:03 PM EST

i know how to help you with that one :)

Areodjarekput January 20 2012 12:17 PM EST

Something like this, only with a slot for amulets?

lostling January 20 2012 12:40 PM EST

lol cloak of thought?

Areodjarekput January 20 2012 12:44 PM EST

Hauberk of Finrod, and Helm of Intelligence as well.

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] January 20 2012 12:47 PM EST

I think areo meant more the template then the current state of that particular calculator. Take that kind of plug and compute template and apply it to the current game.

Quyen January 20 2012 2:27 PM EST

what where those items? :O

lostling January 20 2012 2:32 PM EST

AC NW list done

Q i have no idea :)

lostling January 20 2012 2:37 PM EST

lets see for +200 AC on a minion with wall armor you need
+36 CML
+18 HOD
+67 AC
+16 AOAC
+44 MS
+19 SC

lostling January 20 2012 3:57 PM EST

Damage Negation up :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 20 2012 5:09 PM EST

Yeah something similar to that Aero.

Lost I wasn't asking what I would need for 200 armor but rather a calculator that could give the cheapest rates and what not for different inputted armor values like the one Aero showed but a little bit more advanced and with non made up armor :P.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 20 2012 5:14 PM EST

Ah never mind you made a list. The only problem is it doesn't take in account the cost between upgrading amulets verses having someone forge it at ~70%. Either way it still helps a lot =].

The damage negation calculator also looks really nice. Thanks a lot :D.

lostling January 21 2012 12:46 AM EST

:) took me awhile to do that and btw dd spells updated

lostling January 21 2012 3:09 AM EST

to hit calculator up :) if someone can test it and the other calcs out out that would be greatly appreciated

lostling January 21 2012 9:05 PM EST

did i miss anything out?
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