Chat Not Loading? (in General)

AdminTitan February 26 2012 9:28 PM EST

Anyone else having problems with chat? I don't think it's my java as it was working earlier today.

Phoenix [The Forgehood] February 26 2012 9:48 PM EST

I've found that if I change internet connections, I have to refresh the page for chat to reload.

AdminTitan February 26 2012 9:50 PM EST

I've cleared cache/(all history) and tried refreshing, no luck.

AdminTitan February 26 2012 9:51 PM EST

working now., had to close browser completely.

AdminNightStrike February 26 2012 10:40 PM EST

Sometimes the chat server itself does get fouled up, and needs to be reset. I can put a link on the admin page to kill it, and init will respawn it.

AdminTitan February 26 2012 10:58 PM EST

It was definitely me this time; but it does sound like a good idea for the few times it does that.
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