CISPA the big brother of SOPA (in General)

IPoop April 13 2012 7:50 PM EDT

acording to a few websites this is meant to be worse than SOPA .. its meant to be targeting the pirate sites (no one really argues against that) but is even more loosely worded than SOPA .... and yet its recieving so much less publicity and more sponsered goverment backing that it looks like it wil go through.

Im happy to admit i stream pirate films and to be fair if i get stopped etc the fair enough .. but the vaugeness of this allows more websites than china and iran block.

Here is a link to sign up to make your opinion known to facebook .. proclaimed protectors of the internet aware of your stance as with out the outcry they are pro this
-dont foget to sign the bit on the right
*the initial proposer also wants the people regarding recent leaks (but only the current wikileaks not he already accepted as good leaks) executed

Stop C.I.S.P.A. , The new US Anti-Privacy bill - on face book gained 100+ in the last hour alone

considering UK people are now being extradited to the US for stuff posted on US servers even though thy have never left the UK you have to wonder what more vague bills can be/are needed

*add off tangent about crazy extradition law here

IPoop April 13 2012 7:53 PM EDT

okay its jack daniels oclock (greatest export ever!) when i say i stream i mean i watch not upload .. but same thing i guess law wise

though in thoery i could prob be extradited to the US with out that new law going by current results ... do you have the internet in prisons over there for inmates or is it a case of in prison the lies about 'hot girls in your local area' all have a bit of stuble around their chin lol

IPoop April 13 2012 7:58 PM EDT

last post .. reread opening post and i get the feeling even i could have worded it better .. feel free to make pro or anti comments and i shall ignore the rest of the evening (and prob most of tomorrow morning to lol)
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