*Turns his back on CB* (in Off-topic)

Joel July 26 2012 4:27 PM EDT

I'm leaving :) You wanna know why?
Well, part of the reason is that the friend to enemy ratio has become skewed, over here, and even the admins are against me!
So, I sent my SoD to Areo, since it is his, if I can't finish my payments, and my level 12.4 million tattoo, in case sending the SoD back wasn't enough, for some reason.
My wife and I then sent most of our items to Piper and Quyen.
I also sent my 6.6 million MPR character "Joel" to Quyen, as a goodbye present.
My wife sent Xeno "Enemy at the Gates", since Piper said that Xeno was missing it. :P))

Zenai said this in the changelog thread: -"Well well well looks like the Joel abuse of the game just might slow down a bit. If I know him , and I do, he'll just fight from his phone or work from now on and have his "Wife" fight from home."

You're wrong, again, Zenai. When will you take your head out of your [Admin Edit - GL] long enough to realize that you aren't right, about me!
Had you realized your possibility for error, then maybe you would have chosen you words more carefully, or stayed silent.
But, my reason for leaving is because of YOU, Zenai! No opinion, just fact. You are my reason for leaving!
Your constant insults have just pushed me too far. I guess that's why it was easy for me to be bullied, as a kid. The thing is, as a kid, I was also much stronger than the rest of them and my rage would destroy each and every bully that pushed me too far. Now, here on CB, the tool of my rage (the strength and high growth-rate of my character), has been taken away from me, so I have nowhere else to go, but out of here.
I have no way to cheer myself up, when I'm feeling down after all this hatred I have to endure.
I have no way of fighting back against this constant stream of enmity and bullying. I'm not completely helpless, though, I can still escape this mire, that I'm stuck in. So, that's exactly what I'm doing! Leaving the source of my pain behind!
You may scream "coward!" or "you can't run away from your problems!", but all I hear is "Hey! Stay here and be our punching bag!" or "Who will we vent our frustration on!?" and "I was having so much fun insulting you, why won't you stay?".

So, that's that! I have no debt, and now I can leave! I thank those of you that have stayed my friends, and I wish only happiness upon the undeserving cretins that scorned me, lol. I've said all I've wanted to say, now, adios!!

Catdog July 26 2012 4:38 PM EDT


Sickone July 26 2012 4:53 PM EDT

You're not exactly helping your case.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 26 2012 4:54 PM EDT

I had hoped you would wait until I had some clarification on 'equal' transfers for accounts that share the same IP. :(

I'm closing this thread as nothing constructive will come from it.

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