Windows 8 / CB Menu Issues (in Off-topic)

TH3 C0113CT0R August 21 2012 12:32 PM EDT

Hey Guys, Anyone else using Windows 8 Right now?

Im using Internet Explorer in windows 8 and the menu options like business, auction, clans do not expand. I'm going to install chrome again I think but has anyone else had this problem?

ScrObot August 21 2012 12:46 PM EDT

The hover menus don't open in Opera anymore either (Win 7). They used to a year or two ago, but haven't for a while.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] August 21 2012 6:51 PM EDT

I'm using Chrome on Windows 8 and everything works as it did in Windows 7, and Windows XP. You might want to make sure you don't have any weird plug-ins installed that are causing issues.

TH3 C0113CT0R August 21 2012 7:15 PM EDT

no plug ins its a fresh install of windows 8 CP. I'm going to install chrome anyway.

I kind of like some of the features of windows 8, but some of it is just stupid.

TH3 C0113CT0R August 23 2012 4:15 PM EDT

yea chrome works just like in windows 7 so all the roll overs work again
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