Minion hiring costs (in General)

WedjeAntilles September 24 2012 3:55 PM EDT

So I've been tracking minion hiring cost in relation to money gain and it appears (over a very short sample set) to me that minion hire cost increases per battle by (very) roughly 80% my earnings per battle. This seems very high to me - it seems nearly impossible to build up a 4 minion team without hiring very early, and if you did buy them later you'd have a relatively tiny NW to show for a long leveling grind. Thoughts? Am I conceptualizing this wrong or missing something?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 24 2012 3:59 PM EDT

Are you talking about hiring all 4 or just one?

WedjeAntilles September 24 2012 4:03 PM EDT

I mean hiring 3 more, at some relatively late point (maybe 60%+ top MPR) in a single-minion setup.

IPoop September 24 2012 5:00 PM EDT

yep way to expensive especially for ncb runs and only using cbd

but as there are already loads of medium to large tatts out there and for the most part you dont have to use a tatt until the higher levels the RoE can work ... well in theory

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] September 24 2012 6:47 PM EDT

minions are expensive, as they should be. You have the NUB which means you are getting a large bonus to mpr growth but a relatively small cash bonus, so yea, you are basically right. In the past the NUB gave a cash bonus equal to the xp bonus but this was changed as it incentivised abuse. (my opinion on why it was changed)

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] September 24 2012 6:54 PM EDT

I am an advocate of a third, cheaper hiring option.

WedjeAntilles September 24 2012 6:56 PM EDT

So I did a little more formal investigation.
start hire cost: 917,499
start cash:379,485
30 BA later (29 wins 1 draw)
hire cost:933,107
Total cash made: 18,845
Net difference: 3,237 extra
Percent "profit" = 17.17%

Assuming no tricky scaling mechanics that come in later in the game, 83%ish of my CBD income must be saved for potential minion hiring going from a single-minion setup, if I intend to hire just one minion. That seems absurdly high to me.
Is this the status quo around here?
Also the wiki mentions a cheaper option minion option, has that been removed?

WedjeAntilles September 24 2012 7:03 PM EDT

What is this lower NUB cash bonus you speak of? I was unable to find a reference to it in the wiki or changelogs.

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] September 24 2012 7:07 PM EDT

You get a static bonus to exp and cash, your "NUB Bonus" effects both equally.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] September 24 2012 7:09 PM EDT

not anymore Gohan, Jon removed (or reduced?) the cash bonus when he made buying BA free for new users.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] September 24 2012 7:17 PM EDT

you should see 2 prices for hiring a minion, the 1st gives 1xp per 3cbd, the 2nd option 1 per 5. These costs are based on the current size of your largest minion so after hiring a 2nd the rate of increase of the cost of hiring goes down.

WedjeAntilles September 24 2012 8:23 PM EDT

I definitely only see one minion hiring option.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] September 24 2012 9:03 PM EDT

Oh, the reason you only have 1 option for hiring is because you never finished the tutorial. The minion hiring cost is based upon the experience of the largest minion. When you are a single minion it grows the fastest by far. It will also give the largest MPR boost later in the game.

Also the cash bonus of the NUB is reduced because your bought BA is automatically bought for you for the duration of the NUB.
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