EoD/part time dictator and legend Ipoop - tatt dea (in Public Record)

IPoop November 10 2012 9:26 PM EST

Buying his EF for 27,500,000

paid 5.3
remaining 22.2mill

Eliteofdelete (Epitaph) IPoop (A Girl) An Electric Familiar ($131334412) 1:50 PM EST
IPoop (A Girl) Eliteofdelete (Epitaph) $5300000 -- down pay on tatt thx 6:22 AM EST

Apart from buying base tatts and the stuff i rent this is my priority debt, should i default he gets the house, dog and kylie minouge album collection

IPoop November 17 2012 12:21 AM EST

Poop (A Girl) Eliteofdelete (The Immortals) $1000000 -- tatt :) 12:20 AM EST

21.2 to go

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] November 21 2012 3:48 PM EST

Thanks :)

IPoop November 25 2012 1:36 PM EST

20.2 tg

IPoop (A Girl) Eliteofdelete (The Immortals) $1000000 -- tatt :) 1:35 PM EST

IPoop November 28 2012 1:35 PM EST

slight change of plan (and change of strat)

EoD is allowing me to swap for a smaller tatt of his that i can grow so ive sent that tatt and the original transfer fee back to him

IPoop (A Girl) Eliteofdelete (JunkToSell) $1315008 -- transfer fees 1:30 PM EST
IPoop (A Girl) Eliteofdelete (JunkToSell) A Steel Familiar ($131334412) -- tatt exchange-thanks 1:27 PM EST

I will now be having a RoBF off him and transfering the 7.2 already paid off, off the total owed on the new one (if that makes sense?)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] November 28 2012 2:12 PM EST

Sent it over. You now owe 3.9 mill :)

IPoop November 28 2012 2:14 PM EST

i shall go find the nearest street corner now

IPoop December 10 2012 12:44 PM EST

IPoop (A Girl) Eliteofdelete (The Immortals) $1500000 -- tattttt 12:43 PM EST

2.4 to go
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