Chrome issue(s) (in General)

alaskanpsyko November 12 2012 9:35 PM EST

Is anyone else having trouble loading the in-game chat in Chrome like me? If you have had it and got it fixed what was you did to resolve this issue?

RavePunkRobo November 12 2012 10:25 PM EST

When I use chrome I cannot use the chat either. It's an issue with the latest Java client, so I don't believe there's a way around it other than using a different browser. Something to do with the -bit compatibility; I'm not a tech person but I'm pretty sure this is the case.

Newlin [SeeD] November 12 2012 10:25 PM EST

I'm not having any problems with Chrome over here. You could try the usual: clear cache, reinstall java, or if worst comes to worst try un installing and reinstalling chrome. I've seen java updates break chat before, if I remember correctly, but if it works in other browsers I don't think that's it.

Newlin [SeeD] November 12 2012 10:32 PM EST

I can use chat fine in both the stable Google Chrome (23.0.1271.64) and the Canary build (25.0.1323.1) with Java 7 Update 9 (32 and 64 bit). I'm on Windows 8 but that shouldn't affect too much.

Double post.

AdminNightStrike November 13 2012 12:48 AM EST

I'm in chrome right now. What's the actual error message?

RavePunkRobo November 13 2012 12:49 AM EST

The problem is because I am using a mac;

"Why can't I use Chrome with Java 7 on my Mac?
Chrome is a 32-bit browser. A 64-bit browser (Safari or Firefox, for example) is required to run Java 7 on Mac OS X. 32-bit browsers such as Chrome do not support Java 7 on the Mac platform. "

AdminNightStrike November 13 2012 4:05 PM EST

Well that's easy... use a real computer :) :)
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