Minon Placement (in General)

Octavian [Bojangles] December 27 2012 11:37 AM EST

So I know MM is really popular, and that really messes with where I need to place my minions. What should be my priority for a meatshield? I want my decay enchanter to survive to melee rounds, so I moved him up, but now it seems my tank is dead more often, resulting in draws/stalemates I wasn't getting before. If I move my PL minion to anything other than the front, I lose everything. Makes no sense to me. I get that a lot of it is trial/error, and I'm approaching the "dead zone" which makes it rough to find people to fight. Just looking for ways to make the most out of my BA.

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] December 27 2012 1:41 PM EST

A simpler way around this would be to not attack teams with MM mages at all.

If those are the problem teams for you, you might want to look at other targets. That's just my idea of things, though.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] December 27 2012 2:17 PM EST

You could use AoI on the enchanter and tank
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