Chat history, forum search (in General)

roy7 January 10 2013 12:02 PM EST

Two suggestions. When you are in a specific forum the chat doesn't seem to ever work. Maybe replace those forms with the same Google search used on the main forum top page before you drill down to a specific forum?

When opening the main page, how about pre-populating the chat room with the 10-15 most recent messages? Yucata does that, I think it's a huge help. 1- if you had to reload the page you don't lose chat, 2- people can jump into a conversation more easily, 3- provides for some async chat which is better than just silence.

roy7 January 10 2013 6:28 PM EST

Sorry, I meant "the search doesn't seem to ever work". Forum, except for the top most page, have boxes for the old search system not Google.
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