UC on post-combat report (in General)

roy7 January 13 2013 11:19 AM EST

I have a low level monk, wearing a Combat Gi. His UC skill isn't even high enough for an effect level of 1 yet, so he's at 10/0 on the train page (10 from the Gi). On the post combat report it shows UC of 200 though. If I take the Gi off, it shows 0.

So I'm confused why it's saying 200 on post combat when I know the effect is actually only 10.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 13 2013 3:02 PM EST

The Gi is a bit funny when you don't have a native UC of (1). IIRC it actually gives you something like an UC of (9) until your native UC is high enough.

AbbathorX January 13 2013 6:37 PM EST

I think that 200 is supposed to be the damage of your fist weapons.

A Weapon uses [base x damage modifier] (+ to-hit), e.g.,
A Dagger [4x1] (+0).

Damage of UC should be [20 * effect of UC], for you 20 * 10 from GI = 200.

This will go up as you lvl UC, as will the (+ to-hit part)

roy7 January 13 2013 6:42 PM EST

Ah ok, thank you. That makes sense.
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