Encumbrance, AS and GS (in General)

roy7 February 3 2013 7:56 PM EST

Wiki says:

"ST and HP give 30 ENC for every level, UC 15, all other skills/spells 7.5. Dex gives 0 to ENC."

So Ablative Shield also adds to ENC, not just Giant Strength? I need to start doing the math to see what I can equip (assuming no enemy EC or DM). I wasn't paying attention and it seems if I load NW much higher than what the equip page says, I still have no penalty. Doh!

(On a side note, I know GS and AS are enchants, but it'd still be helpful if there was a "best case" ENC figure based on your AS and GS effect levels if there was no EC/DM. Maybe show two figures like the before/after armor penalties or something. Just a thought.)

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 4 2013 12:13 AM EST

GS granted str counts towards enc but isn't shown on the equip page, while AS granted HP does not. A way to estimate it is to just multiply the GS effect by 30 and add that to the enc shown on the equip page.
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