E:F with AMF (in General)

roy7 February 6 2013 2:56 PM EST

Has anyone tried a single minion strat with a familiar, and traning nothing except AMF? I wonder how that would do vs mage teams. Or maybe 2 minions, training AMF and DM, to try and shut down most teams that rely on DD or enchants.

[Jedi] Danludar February 6 2013 3:07 PM EST

The DM would disenchant your own AMF so that would be pointless. If your aiming for only taking out mages It's a viable strat. Although survival with anything other than a FF might be difficult.

RavePunkRobo February 6 2013 3:08 PM EST

I've tried a EE:F strategy many times. AMF and DM are definitely good picks, but without AS or GA mageseekers and ELBs will tear your team apart. Also I used the ice familiar most times as the EF wasn't enough at lower levels to out damage enemy teams.

roy7 February 6 2013 3:41 PM EST

I forgot you can't easily use DM and AMF at the same time. Oops. :)

Unappreciated Misnomer February 6 2013 4:30 PM EST

Ive always wanted to try a good 3minion team(EEM) training 1)EC/AS/RoS 2)AmF/GA 3)SG or CoC/DM @40% of amf/SS. But my fear is that the dilution is too much when starting would try 1)AS/RoS 2)EC 3)DD, and go from there. depending on the playing field and what I feel would be needed to be trained my end result might not be exactly my first concept but and arrangement of sorts.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 6 2013 6:17 PM EST

if you want to go 100% amf, might as well use 4 minions you get 3 more kill slots and can use breastplate of expertise on 3.

roy7 February 6 2013 8:23 PM EST

Nice idea Rubber. If they are all training AMF there's no actual dilution, and you can stack more gear like you said since AMF is additive and enemy DM doesn't do anything about it. ;)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 6 2013 9:12 PM EST

Except you would need 3 more corns...
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