2 more days (in General)

[Jedi] Danludar February 15 2013 7:57 PM EST

So I start my NCB in 2 days and I figure nows As good as time as any to get some strat criticism. I know I do this a lot but bear with me I finally found an interesting strat.

WTET RoBF team

PL wall wearing the basics plus an AoI

UC tank with an exbow for draining those pesky tanks. Also using a SoC to help get a big hit in melee if he survives.

Enchanter wearing an AoI corn spell boosters and the RoBF training HP and DM maybe some AS eventually

Heavy tank training archery using a mageseeker maybe some kind of melee weapon (MoD?) also using a MgS to help with MM

Alright the idea here is drain tanks and kill casters early so the RoBF can chip away at their team. Nothing is really going to be big damage just keep the enchanter alive by minimizing possible damage done to the team. DM will be used to combat AS and GA mostly.

Any suggestions would be great I know it's a huge net worth sink. My figuring is that if I'm not relying on the damage done by anything other than the RoBF then it shouldn't be to bad if my items are all super legit.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 15 2013 8:05 PM EST

Move the PL wall to the back. Put the MgS on him and give him an AoF.

Put the enchanter in the front. Keep the AoI on him. Train AS or DM but not HP.

Keep the UC tank where he is. Consider using an Axbow instead of Exbow, especially at the early stages.

Heavy tank is now the third. Give that man a BoM and TSA and TG.

[Jedi] Danludar February 15 2013 8:12 PM EST

I was trying to utilize the UC tank as an evasion wall, and the heavy tank as a traditional wall. The axbow at lowers levels does make sense though I have a spare lying around ill have to try it. Wouldn't that leave my enchanter wide open to SG? I know the PL wall will absorb the damage but once he's gone it's free game. I still have to gather some items so I might try the TSA and Tulka's on the heavy wall.
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